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Harrison Property Development
Topping out at The Frairy Lichfield

Celebrating the completion of a new Premier Inn in Lichfield

Judge us by the company we keep...

...and the things that they say about us.

Quality attracts quality, and Harrison's partnering approach brings together some of the most respected names in the development business, as well as public sector, private sector and not-for-profit organisations, to produce first class schemes that bring real benefits to all stakeholders.

Here are just a few examples of the views people who work with us have about the way we approach schemes, and the positive outcomes we deliver.


New Town and Broughton Community Council

Richard Price, Planning Committee Convenor speaking about Haddington Place

"The New Town & Broughton Community Council were and continue to be very supportive of the development. As a consultee on the Pre-Application Notification, we very much appreciated the opportunity to discuss the proposal and gain a full understanding of the development team's awareness of the architectural importance of this site leading to one of the Edinburgh city gateways. The plans outlined were supportive of the need to restore the mixed style streetscape which has been missing for many years from this long-standing gap-site whilst being sympathetic to the listed McDonald Road library façade.  

We believe that Leith Walk is one of the most significant of streets in Edinburgh and we welcomed a developer who wishes to engage sensitively with this context.

Now the development is completed, we would again commend the development team on the visual impact of the finished building and the close approximation to the photo-visuals provided as part of the planning application.

Overall, a very welcome development with a responsible developer who engaged enthusiastically and openly with the community council."


Newsquest (The Press, York)

David Coates, Regional Director - Yorkshire and the North East

Harrison and Newsquest worked together for eight years to identify appropriate alternative uses for Newsquest's city centre site which would help them realise the value of the property asset whilst maintaining their city centre presence at the heart of the community they serve.  Harrison steered the scheme through the planning process and worked with Newsquest on ensuring effective delivery.  Newquest moved into its new offices in September 2014.

"Teaming up with a developer that understood and embraced the challenge of releasing capital but maintaining The Press’ presence on Walmgate, within York’s historic city walls, was a critical element in achieving the perfect solution.  Having such a knowledgeable and no-nonsense developer as an integral part of the whole process has really paid dividends for us.  The Harrison team has been exceptional throughout."


Buccleuch Property

Sandy Smith, Director, Buccleuch Property

Sandy Smith led the Buccleuch team which with S Harrison made up York Investors LLP. Together they successfully delivered the new headquarters and customer centre for City of York Council at West Offices, and the new £12million Hampton by Hilton Hotel. Sandy says:

"In looking for a development partner, S Harrison, was the obvious choice. From the beginning the teams gelled. And in teaming up with them we found ourselves with a partner who offered significantly more than merely local connections.

"Like Buccleuch, Harrison had experience in major schemes and in regenerating older buildings. Critically, their expertise in construction added immense inhouse value in identifying the challenges of the job long before they would arise on site. That, coupled with the skill and experience to value-engineer the project, meant that together we had the perfect platform to put forward a scheme which will deliver not only the cost-savings and efficiency improvements the council seeks, but also a headquarters building to reflect the pride and heritage of the city itself."


City of York Council

Kersten England – former Chief Executive, City of York Council, on the delivery of West Offices:

"It's a fantastic achievement to deliver such a complex building to such a high standard in such a timescale and we are delighted with the result. Heritage groups have praised the scheme as a model for the sustainable regeneration of older buildings. We describe it as a model for co-operative working."


Student Castle

Edward Cade, CEO:

"Right across the team they have proved excellent people to work with and we're delighted that, following our acquisition of the Press offices site, we will continue to work with Harrison."


York St John University

Dr David Fleming, former Vice Chancellor, York St John University

"To deliver the kind of accommodation which would enhance the student experience we needed a development and delivery partner, one who shared our ambition, who was respected in the sector, who could put together the complex challenge of site sourcing, design, planning approval and delivery within remarkably exacting timescales - and still deliver the quality we wanted."

"S Harrison started working with the university in 2008 providing 272 student units on a former bus depot site inside the city walls and within easy walking distance of the university's main learning campus. It is a relationship we are happy to develop. Who wouldn't want to work with like-minded people who share our ambition and our commitment to excellence?"


Richard Gray

Richard Gray - landowner

"Together we have taken two derelict sites and given them a new lease of life. The high quality university student halls of residence now located there have helped rejuvenate the area.

"Harrison have proved ideal development partners. They are straightforward people who tell it like it is.

"Throughout the process - design, planning and delivery - they gripped the job and delivered good returns on the asset."


Development Securities PLC

Matthew Weiner, director of investments, Development Securities PLC

"It has been a pleasure to work alongside S Harrison for the past two years"


Stratford-upon-Avon Town Trust

Janet Holder, former chairman, Stratford Town Trust

Speaking on their choice of Harrison to act as development partner to regenerate the important Rother Quarter in the historic town of Stratford

"Harrison is a company with a proven track record in projects that require sensitive handling and thorough public consultation"


Lichfield District Venture

Emrys Jones, director, Lichfield District Venture

In his role as director of Lichfield District Venture Emrys Jones BA Dip TP, D.M.S., MRTPI oversees the delivery of development projects within the Venture programme, including the £100 million redevelopment of Friarsgate, and the redevelopment of Friary Outer, in which S Harrison is the developer.

He worked closely with David Clancy and the Harrison team to meet the ten key planning and design requirements for the complex Friarsgate site - to include the provision of a link into the adjacent shopping centre, a new bus station as part of an attractive transport interchange, new secure modern car parking alongside leisure, office, residential and hotel provision.

"Trust and open communication are essential elements for the success of any complex development project. In their initial bid to be appointed as the developer of Friarsgate, Harrison demonstrated their excellent combination of creativity in design linked with sound practical sense - they promised only what could be delivered.

Since their appointment they have consistently demonstrated the kind of leadership, imagination and sound professionalism that has successfully won over the community to the proposed scheme and attracted major new retailers and leisure providers to the city.

Under David's direction, and supported by a professional multi-disciplinary team of the highest quality, Harrison has demonstrated its expertise in a spirit of total co-operation and partnership.

Projects on this scale are not without their difficulties, but Harrison has always met the challenges positively and constructively and has delivered consistently, adding value, beyond expectations. We're delighted to be working in partnership with them."